Coming up in November

Our Glass House by Common Wealth
11th – 30th November | Book tickets | Watch the trailor
Shows at 4pm & 7.30pm | £10/5 conc
Have you ever had to leave somewhere in a hurry? Had the courage to leave, pack your  bags, fance down the side of the building of leave with nothing – not even the shoes on your feet? 

This highly acclaimed site-specific event is based on real-life testimonies from women and men who have survived domestic abuse, and follows the lives of six characters with action happening simultaneously around you.

Instructions for a Better Life by Uncanny Theatre
29th – 30th November | Book tickets
7.30pm | £10/8
This is all about us, everyone that is, thinking that something is true when it isn’t. It’s a true story. It’s a look at what people believe without question and an attempt  to unpick the oddity of what we think we think. Part thriller, part comedic romp through human psychology.

Instructions for a better life smaller

1 thought on “Coming up in November

  1. Totally brilliant evening with The Collective Project by Pensive Federation.We were spoilt with a feast of acting, writing and directing. I could have happily sat through another hour. What a shame it does not have a longer run. Unmissable talent.

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