Coming up in December

The Oresteia: Part 3, Eumenides by Action to the Word  3rd – 8th December | Book tickets Celebrated award-winning theatre company Action To The Word complete their brand-new adaptation of the oldest play every written. In 1953 Orestes killed his mother. He killed his mother because in 1945 his mother killed his father. In 1968 his judgement will come. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? She Was Probably Not  A Robot by Stuart Bowden 11th – 13th December | Book tickets 7.30pm | £10/8 conc Multi-award winning theatre maker Stuart Bowden presents his prototype invention, a lo-fi, DIY, off-beat, sci-fi, storytelling experience. Surreal, soulful comedy about a decomposing world and a comic visitor. Robot landscape Tony & Mike by Tom Frankland and Laura Mugridge 14th – 15th December | Book tickets 1pm & 3pm | £8 Tony the Owl lives in the countryside.He’s really happy in his little garden until Joe and Charlotte turn up and ruin his peace and quiet. They’ve moved from the city for a quieter life and, to be honest, they’ve got no idea what they’re doing. To make matters worse, they’ve bought Mike the Squirrel with them. He’s loud, he’s cheeky and he likes to party. Logo design for 'Tony and Mike' Children's theatre show The Quant by Jamie Griffiths 16th – 18th December | Book tickets 7.30pm | £10/8 You heard there was a killing to be made in the City. So you studied hard, got into a good university, studied some more, graduated (with honours) and finally landed a job at the world’s second biggest bank. But the hard work isn’t over. It’s only just beginning. There’s so much to learn your heard is spinning. thequant2 (1)

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